David Lewis Bradley, AIA PCC


I’m an executive coach and a licensed architect.  I often get some confused looks when I say that.  For some people those two professions don’t logically go together.

The Great Recession slammed into me head-on in 2008, forcing me to close my design firm of 10 years and declare bankruptcy.  I caught my breath and landed on my feet, but by 2012 I was still struggling to put the pieces back together and I felt stuck in every aspect of my life.

A close friend suggested I check out the coach training program he was in.  My first reaction was “dude, I’m an architect, not a coach”.  It made no sense.  But, I looked into it and I got intrigued.  On a leap of faith, I signed up for Accomplishment Coaching's Coaches Training Program, graduated in 2014 and got certified as a life coach.

Architecture AND Coaching?


Working with a coach of my own, I experienced profound personal growth, my leadership skills grew exponentially, new  design opportunities arose, my coaching practice expanded, and my personal life flourished.  I had a new lease on life.  

Still, I struggled to see the intersection of architecture and coaching.  They seemed mutually exclusive.  Then it hit me:

What I love about architects is that we are trained to see possibility where none currently exists. And that’s the playground for coaches too.  It’s a perfect match.  

My greatest joy is helping clients reconnect with their own possibility - the passion, dreams and vision that had them pursue design in the first place.

My Commitment to You


These days, I get to combine nearly 20 years of passion, commitment and leadership in the field of architecture with world-class training as a coach to empower design professionals to reclaim their possibility, creativity, and impact in the profession they love and are whole-heartedly committed to.

I love what I do!  And you should too.

I am committed to bringing my heart, passion, authenticity and wonder to bear in helping you live the best life you can.

And we'll have fun along the way. 

Let's schedule a conversation to discover your own possibility!