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Why Group Coaching?



  • You're busy and overwhelmed, constantly struggling with cashflow and have difficulty making ends meet
  • You never seem to have enough time or resources and are always reacting to the latest crisis rather than being proactive
  • You've hit a plateau in your career and have no idea what's next
  • You've put your own creative projects on the back burner because "life gets in the way"
  • You know there should be something "more", but you're not sure what's missing
  • You're facing challenges in your leadership, your creative self-expression, or relationships in your life


  • You want to tap into your power and creativity
  • You seek a better work/life balance, more joy, and greater fulfillment
  • You want to blow the ceiling off your leadership
  • You want your well-being to be a reflection of abundance in your life
  • You ready to be supported like never before


  • Time management gimmicks, multi-tasking
  • Borrowing money, slashing expenses, 
  • Self-help books


  • A proven structure to give you purpose, clarity, and power in creating what you want
  • New insights and perspectives to remove blocks to your success
  • Accountability and support you're probably not accustomed to
  • The power of a team dynamic - learning from and with peers who are also on a journey of self-discovery


  • To have a job, career and life you love
  • To be connected to the things you're passionate about
  • To rediscover the power and possibility that lives within you

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Why:  Coaching is an invaluable tool to support people in harnessing their vision and bringing it to fruition with clarity, power, and velocity. The group dynamic can be especially productive as the struggles and insights of others frequently provide windows into our own behavior and what stands between us and success.

What:  Members of the group meet over a period of six months to receive coaching and support with a specific personal or professional project they are pursuing. 

  • Prior to the commencement of the group, each participant will take part in an individual “Essence Conversation”. This 1-1/2 hour call with the coach lays a foundation for future work in the group and provides an introduction to some key coaching concepts.

  • Each participant creates 3-4 projects to pursue in areas of life she or he wants to move forward powerfully. Projects typically focus on one of five areas: career, relationship, well-being, creative self-expression, or leadership.

  • Sessions are held weekly for one hour and attendance by all participants is required. Full attendance honors the time and energy of all participants and supports the success of the group dynamic.

  • Each week one member of the group will take the “spotlight” for 30 minutes of concentrated coaching. The remaining 30 minutes are set aside to address issues raised by the other 3 participants. Everyone is encouraged to look for themselves at how issues others are confronting and insights they gain might have some bearing on their own individual progress.  We create weekly action plans and accountability structures to maintain momentum in between sessions.

  • Over the course of the six months we will be exploring coaching distinctions around concepts like Essence, project design, time, integrity, and well-being to support success.

When:  Calls are held weekly four times a month via Zoom video conferencing at a time during business hours that is determined mutually convenient for the group.

Who:  Group size is limited to four members.


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